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<font size=2>Welcome to the forum!<br><ul><li>You can post any problem with ClearProg or <a target="_blank" href="http://shtools.de/downloads.php?lang=en">any other tool</a> from this website within this forum.<br><br><li>Please feel free to post bug reports, critics and feature requests.<br><br><li>If you need technical support, provide some informations about your system. If possible, give us steps to reproduce the bug.<br><br><li>Make sure, you've read the <a target="_blank" href="http://shtools.de/faq.php?prog=ClearPro ... >ClearProg FAQ</a><br><br><li><b>Note</b>: Some parts of the website are still just aviable in German, like the forums menu.<br><br><li>Don't be afraid to post in this forum, if your English knowlegde isn't good. We try our best to understand every thread, and I'm pretty sure, that we're able to understand most postings. :wink:<br><br><li>There are several bugs in the translated websites, the author has less time and is very buy at moment. All his energy goes directly in development.<br></ul><br><br>regards,<br>Chris<br> <br>[v0.9]<br><br><br><br> </font><br><font size=1><i>bearbeitet von <a href="/action=profile&id=15"> Chris</a> am 18.03.2006 20:55</i><br></font><br><hr size="1" color=#0066FF width=150 align=left><font size=2>Chris<br></font><br>